Friday, 3 December 2010

Day 8

So this one is yesterdays post which I couldnt do because I went to see arcade fire at the o2, and it took 2 hours to get there, a journey usually of about 40 mins max. So I had to leave here super earlier to get there and had no time to bloggings. But I did have work I wanted to blog yesterday so here it is. Ill do another blog later for today, Im really trying to keep in a routine of it. Im actually finding this really useful, I guess its making me look at my work more, gives me a chance to see it with perhaps more of a critical eye, and find bits that I like and dont like to help me build on them for next time. Here are two pieces from the collage project. Unfortunately the second day of the project with Nick White was cancelled, so I did get to have these shown and crited but hopefully thatll be rearranged. So heres to book covers, Ill blog the other work for it later.

Secondly the double page unfinished from the 'Outsider' Project. Dont like.

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