Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Day 7

So today was drawing catch up, but as it was awfully chilled and snowy outside I decided to just develop to location sketches id previously done and work on more collage for the project ending tomorrow. Im going to show quite a bit tonight, as its all piling up and I want to get it up here.

So firstly is a set of 4 small collages I made to try and make something of all the off cuts of pictures and the likes that I have piling up. The Series is Entitled the 'AND A HALF' Series, inspired by the most famous unknown artist Ray Johnson.
6. 1/2 Crusauder
9. 1/2 Awful Circle
8. 1/2 Mini Men
7. 1/2 Its Snowing Outside
Next up is another illustration for the outsider project. Colouring isnt done yet.

Finally I was featured in a huge exhibition set up by Craig Atkinson of Cafe Royal Books, The pop up gallery at the PR1 Gallery in Preston. Circled in the pic are my books 'Village Peoples' and 'Martin C. From Brentford'.

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