Saturday, 15 September 2012

It's been a while

I haven't blogged in an age, so ima guna get back into it in a few weeks time and blog regularly. For now I'll give you a summer update and reason why I've rarely blogged! This summer has been a busy one! In between two holidays I've been working on a load of packaging design commissions, secret endeavours and even more secret projects. So I can't show you any of those yet! My biggest summer show and tell has been the release of my work towards jack Daniels whiskey! It got a brilliant response on twitter to me and the brilliant guts at Stranger and Stranger who very nicely ask me to help them on the project. If you haven't seen the Jack D's hit my site, I'll blog it soon! So yeh, been doing shit loads of stuff, can't show you anything! So for now follow my twitter if you don't already @benjamincarruk as I insta gram loads through there of sneak previews and so on! Soon!

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