Sunday, 27 May 2012

Liquid Shot Co. Commissions

So Pleased to finally share these with you. You can see all the technical stuff about these on my website ( ) But as this is my blog I thought id share a bit more process stuff about these on here instead. These three variations are part of a set of about 8 or so wines I did for Liquid Shot CO. the airline drinks supplier. They sit on a carton design, which i can show the top of, hence the uneasy cropping to the right of these jpegs. The brief was to create a set of wine label designs with variations for each different colour of wine (RED, WHITE, ROSE) with different pattern features but maintaining the central design elements to ensure brand continuity. We went through a very long process of alteration with these designs, the client wanted to ensure that every element of the designs worked, something which was great to hear from a client. I think as a result we went through about 30 phrases of alterations, but I think its really helped the designs. Ive been working on much more with this client so expect to see more wines, spirits and all sorts soon! APOLOGIES FOR THE LOW RES JPEGS, SEE MY WEBSITE FOR BETTER VERSIONS!

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