Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The offcut collages

This is a new book ive been working on, its a series of collages made from only offcuts of other pieces of work. Each is numbered between 0. 1/2 and 10. 1/2 hence the original idea for the name of his little odd zine to be THE-AND-A-HALF-ZINE but i thought people maybe wouldnt get my slightly odd humour there. Coincidently when I was working on these collages i constantly had the motto 'a glass and a half full' from all the cadburys adverts stuck in my head. Its funny how advertising gets in your head eh?


  1. i enjoy collages so much, this book looks great! i really love the ones with the text! great idea. i have so many offcuts and bits and bobs from all my cuttings, maybe should try smth similar. PS also great colours! love it