Monday, 29 November 2010

Day 2, 3, 4.

Due to the lack of internet access I couldnt blog on days 2-4! blast! Bad choice of starting time for this! But I did have things planned to blog each day so Im going to do them now before I do todays blog.

Day 2.

Today was location drawing with uni, we visited the Pollock Toy Museum off Goodge street, it was absolutely freezing in there, it was an old victorian house with no heating, so chilly, Id like to insert a picture here of the place if i had a iphone or blackberry but i have a broken awful phone so until my upgrade next month I cant snap and upload quite yet! So it was kinda too cold to get anything amazing drawn in the museum, I did about 10 drawings mainly of dolls houses. Then we had a icy trek over to The Royal College of Surgeons, any seasoned Londoner will know what absolute beaut is inside there... Yep, The Hunterian Gallery. It was rather grand! Lots of body parts and small creatures in jars. There was a new wing inside called the orthadontical gallery full of teeth and jaws and the sorts. Perplexingly I was very drawn in by this and spent ages in the drawing bits of jaws and teeth that I ran out of time for anything else! Here are a few scans:

Day 3.

Went to Bristol with the woman to shop, and see my pal Andi from back in the college days. Great to see him and he took me here to a small gallery called Top Deck ( which was full of Bristol 3rd Year work. Very nice indeed, some very interesting work coming out of Bristol right now, and im glad my pal Andi is nestled right in there.

Day 4.

Long train journeys today, very tedious heres some more badly coloured work from my 'The Outsider' project I just finished.

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