Thursday, 1 April 2010


So again blogging has been a failure of mine for a while and at the start of my final major Ive decided to blog everyday. Ive set up a calendar and everything. Some of you may start to find this slightly annoying but its mainly to help me keep a logical order on everything i do for my FMP. So without further hesitation here is my initial intro to my FMP.

Im intending on continuing my work on identity as its something ive found a really strong connection and interest in during both my negotiated and lead in projects(work from which is now displayed on my website, see below). Nearer the end of my lead in I was starting to look at identity and ways of deconstructing pre-existing identities and creating a new identity for a character. Also the anonymity of identity started to come into my horizons, looking at the idea of missing persons, and unknown soldiers. As a side note to this I also took in working on photos of people where the identity of the person photographed was unknown. The missing persons area is something quite close to me as I have had someone near to me on the missing persons list, and still is on there. With this in mind I want to continue into my FMP by starting to delve into this even more, but perhaps with creating works that look at identity by portraying no physical identifying features to a character symbolising that missing person and unknown soldier links. In parallel to this I want to continue looking at the native american history, something thats highly interested me as of late. Id like to bring their strong cultural visual language into a head on collision with my identity work, as well as visual languages of many other elements of many societies to create a fusion of ideas, until it almost creates its on unique visual language.

With these themes rattling round in my head I want to create a interwinding series of different works that involves the aspects of work that Im really enjoying right now, like installation, mixed media illustration and creating books. That is all for todays work. I should blog tomorrow, how ever little i say.

Also here is my brand spanking new website!!


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