Saturday, 23 January 2010

"11.32pm-3.25am VIII Project"

So heres the thing, here is 10 'VIII' designs. On friday I was just having so many issues with illustration projects etc. I couldnt seem to get anything good done, So at 11.30pm I decided to set myself a task, create a range of at least 6 tees based on circles, triangles, photography and a made up branding logo "VIII" before I went to bed. This was pretty heavily due to a recent frustration with development, and a feeling of a 'ideas block' as well as plenty of negative criticism on the tshirt design forum 'EMPTEES'. I felt I couldnt admit defeat and try and edge my way around how I felt so instead I set a grueling task I guess to test if I could still produce under pressure. The project started at 11.32pm and finished at 3.25am and I produced 10 tees. Im not amazingly happy with anything in particular I produced, but I do like some of the concepts I thought out and I think it eased my mind a bit about some of the concerns Ive been having.

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